Metzpoint Drinks – The beverage industry experts who can help you develop a beverage and marketing strategy for your new or existing beverage brand. Considered by many to be the leading beverage consultant in the industry, Metzpoint can help you understand your beverage development, manufacturing and marketing needs. With an expert beverage consultant at your side, you will be better equipped for success in the ever expanding beverage business. Our premier consulting services can help you grow your beverage business. It will help you to better understand your options.


Metzpoint Drinks brings value and momentum to your beverage business with tried and proven brand management strategies. Our beverage specialists have developed, launched and managed numerous regional, national and international brands in the beverage industry. In conjunction with a network of beverage industry leaders, we can make it happen for you. Our beverage consulting services include:


Balancing art and science as well as utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to create beverage formulation and packaging design. Developing beverages that consumers are looking for.


Securing the most efficient and cost effective beverage manufacturing options for new or existing beverage brands. Sourcing all of the raw materials and production facilities for your new beverage.


Writing a beverage business plan and developing a strategic marketing plan to map out the right course for your new beverage business. Making sure you are ahead of the game before you get started.


Understanding your customer and creating a beverage marketing strategy that works. Beverage sales strategy development, recruiting & training the right beverage sales and marketing personal.


Beverage consulting is an essential part of understanding the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing aspects of a new beverage brand. A good beverage consultant will be able to give you the best options for each of these disciplines.


Unlike many of the other beverage segments, the energy drink market grew in the last decade. In the United States in particular, this dynamic and fast-moving industry has grown from a few million dollars of business per year to become a multi-billion-dollar market.

The fundamentals of energy drink brands are simple but important. Firstly and most importantly is Brand identity. Brand identity also involves identifying who the consumer is and developing a way to Create a unique personality for the energy drink.

Determining what types of ingredients is the next step. Based on a brand indentity, consider what Would appeal to the core consumer. Are consumers interested in organic drinks ? Natural drinks ? Does the amount of caffeine make a big difference ? Most importantly, consider how to make a new Energy drink product stand out from the crowd in such a highly competitive energy drink market.

Next, consider packaging. Is the consumer interested in value as a first priority ? Aluminum cans or plastic Bottles are good packaging because they are inexpensive to manufacture and the consumer receives the savings. A more high-end product should appear in a glass bottle.

With the energy drink brand developed, the next thing to consider is whether to create private label versions, white label versions, diet drinks, energy shots and the like. Beverage marketing companies will have their opinions about what to do next, but it is best to talk to a company that has actually run an energy drink business.

Metzpoint Drinks can help differentiate new energy drinks from the competitors. Product positioning is a crucial part of succeeding in the energy drink market. Work with a company that has helped introduce and run energy drink brands all across the world.


The energy drink industry is an attractive and interesting industry. The energy drink market looks like a massive and lucrative business opportunity to anyone who has been in a convenience store or supermarket in the last 10 years. It is hard to walk past a beverage cooler and not see a multitude of energy drinks for sale.

The energy drink industry also seems to be very lucrative because of the high price of energy drinks as compared to most other beverages sold in the same space. The rest of the energy drinks market is home to smaller companies. There are many other smaller energy drink brands, but none have a significant market share.

Thinking of entering the energy drink industry ? There is room for new players, but the positioning must be right. New energy drink businesses must have a unique angle in this highly competitive market. Metzpoint Drinks industry experts will help formulate a great branding strategy to improve the changes of success for new energy drink brands.


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